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How_to_Marry_coverHow to Marry a Fabulous Man

by Pari Livermore

“If you can master two or three of these tips every week, you will meet a lot more men and you will develop much better dating skills. Finding the right person requires as much effort as looking for a job. If you put the time in and adopt these habits, there is no question you can marry a fabulous man.”


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Introduction to the Everyday Angels Television Show on KRON-TV, hosted by Pari and others.

Introductory clip from Modern Love on the W Network about Pari and her matchmaking

Pari Livermore talks about her support for students and the Minnie Cannon Scholarship Fund.

Pari on Clear Channel

A Clear Channel interview show with Pari Livermore and Catherine Debs about avoiding the ‘Bad Boys’

A Clear Channel interview show with Pari Livermore and Catherine Debs about ‘Online Dating’.



About Author Pari Livermore

Television host and charity fundraiser Pari Livermore is one of the nation's most famous matchmaker. Author of one of the best self help books available on relationships and dating advice for women, Pari Livermore outlines strategies about how to marry a fabulous man and how to hold on to the power in your relationship, from the all important first date to getting your man to commit. More than 200 couples have been married as a result of her efforts and fundraising parties. An organizational whirlwind, she donates all fees for her services to nonprofit organizations.

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